Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yardsale fever

So lately I've been doing lots of cleaning. Matt's neighborhood yardsale is the 26th and if I'm going through the trouble of selling items at the yardsale, I might as well go through everything I own and find as much as I can to sell. Maybe my yardsale will be so huge that I make a thousand dollars. Matt has been doing jobs around his house, so I figure I might as well take the time to get my own room and house organized and in better shape. 
Yesterday something awful happened- my elephant nose fish (who had been looking pretty skinny like he wasn't getting enough to eat) had white fungus on him, and I think his slime coat was wearing down or peeling off him, and he was lying upside down on the bottom of my fishtank. I poked him once, and he moved a bit. He looked like he was on the verge of death for a few hours. Later, I poked him with the net again because I thought for sure he was dead. He didn't move. I scooped him out, and dropped him in the toilet. As soon as he landed in the toilet water i saw him move a bit. It was too late, he was already being flushed. I felt/feel TERRIBLE. That's probably one of the cruelest things you can ever do to a fish. Plus, he was one of my favorite fish. 
My digital camera hasn't been working. I haven't been able to take any pictures lately, so I don't have any visual support to my blog posts. I can't wait until my birthday for a new one. 
Last week Matt and I preserved a few small animals that we found dead in his yard that had been killed by natural causes (or cats). It's become a weird sick obsession of ours to collect animal bones and furs, and taxidermy in general. Gross but the end results are so fascinating. I feel like a scientist examining the bones and witnessing the dissection. Last week we found a dead rat, mole, and bird. We tried to save the rat's fur but animals got to it in the middle of the night. We've only been able to save bones so far. 
A couple days ago my dad helped me to clean out the pond in my backyard so that I could put my turtles in it for the summer. When I was trying to put the lid back on my turtle tank in my basement (After my turtles were out) the light slipped into the water. I went to grab it and felt a shock in my arm. The light started smoking, and I quickly unplugged it. Hopefully the light still works, I haven't tried it since then. My turtles have gotten SO BIG since I got them. Hard to believe they were ever so tiny. 

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