Thursday, May 26, 2011

Git! Go On Get Outta Here!

Shirt Salvation Army Langhorne PA 1.99
Skirt- Macy's 4.00
Flats- Joyce Leslie 12.99
Necklace- Golden Nugget Flea Market Lambertville NJ 5.00
Plastic Ring- $.25 machine
Other ring- Columbus Flea Market 3.00
Bracelet- Gift (Amrita Singh)

Thursday was dull. Tanning, work, home, relaxing. Tomorrow is Friday!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Genetic. Magnetic.

Shirt- Salvation Army Langhorne PA 1.99
Dress- Urban Outfitters 10.00
Necklace- Columbus Flea Market 3.00
Bracelet- gift
Plastic ring- Forever 21 3.80
Skull ring- Golden Nugget Flea Market Lambertville NJ 10.00
Flats- Joyce Leslie 12.99

What a LONG Wednesday!!!!!! I woke up at 8am. I went to the gym, got coffee, got gas, went tanning, and stopped at the mall before I had to get ready for work. I had lots to do to keep busy at work, and then after work I had ceramics class. Ceramics class was followed by a trip to Home Depot and Goodwill followed by coming home and being ready to collapse. LONG day, I'm drinking tea to stay awake enough to finish updating my blog.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wood Eye! Wood Eye!

Dress- Mulberry Street Salvation Army Hamilton NJ $.99
Tank top- Old Navy 5.00
Bracelet- Golden Nugget Flea Market in Lambertville NJ 8.00
Ring- Store in Provincetown MA 5.00 (it glows in the dark!)
Belt- Urban Out fitters 10.00
Flats- Goodwill in Ewing NJ 4.00 (Target)
Necklace- Columbus Flea Market 1.00

What a strange day!!!!!! I ran errands before work. When I got to work I discovered an old friend is a current coworker. Small world.
I went shopping after work then spent a long time talking to a friend on the phone. Girlfriends are great. The rest of my night has been quiet and tired.
I have a jammed packed Wednesday ahead of me. Good night, Good morning, Good afternoon.

Monday, May 23, 2011

My Sharona Monday

Shirt- Salvation Army Langhorne PA (Tommy Hilfiger)

Skirt- Bordentown NJ Goodwill 4.99

Belt- from my dad

Flats- Urban Outfitters 20.00

Necklace- From my mom

Plastic ring- Claire's 2.99

Gold ring- From my mom

Another back to normal Monday. Busy busy busy at work after a nice morning. It has been a very long weekend full of activities and I am worn out. I always look forward to catching up on everything then going to bed on Monday nights.

Yes Yes Yes it's Sunday!

Shirt- Salvation Army Langhorne PA 2.99 (Charlotte Russe)

Pants- Urban Outfitters 23.00

Flats- 7.00

Necklace- Joyce Leslie 1.99

Ring- from a 25 cent machine

Sunday was packed full of fun. I got up extra early and went to Columbus (where I got an amazing deal on a bunch of plants), followed immediately by brunch with my BFF in New Hope at a vegan restaurant. On the way there, we saw signs for an Alpaca Festival, and decided that we had to check it out after we ate. Not quite what we were expecting, but an awesome time none the less. The rest of the afternoon involved finishing errands, a brief nap, and more repotting of plants. The evening ended with bloody marys, a fire, and little rascals. Every weekend is the best weekend ever.

Surprise Saturday

Dress- Rave 8.00

Flats- MJM 17.99 (Blowfish)

Shirt- Salvation Army Mulberry Street 1.00

Necklace- Columbus Flea Market 3.00

Flower Ring- Claire's ten items for 5.00 sale

Black Plastic ring- Claire's ten items for 5.00 sale

Saturday I spent the afternoon repotting tons of plants. Yardwork, gardening, and plants have become a huge new interest of mine. I spent the evening, as usual, thrift shopping, eating pizza, and buying scratch off lottery tickets at the grocery store with my dad. I went out with friends for a little bit before having a fire in the chiminea in my backyard. I really love weekends, too bad they go by so quickly!

Finally Friday

Dress- Salvation Army Langhorne PA 4.99 (Wet Seal)

Flats- MJM 18.99 (Paris Hilton)

Bracelet- Golden Nugget Flea Market Lambertville NJ 2.00

Key ring- Golden Nugget Flea Market Lambertville NJ 5.00

Stacked ring- from my mom

Pin- Columbus Flea Market 5.00

Friday was long and full. I went tanning and ran other errands before a slow and uneventful work day. After work I went to visit a friend away at college, and we had an evening full of fun and laughter and reminiscing about the good old days.