Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wood Eye! Wood Eye!

Dress- Mulberry Street Salvation Army Hamilton NJ $.99
Tank top- Old Navy 5.00
Bracelet- Golden Nugget Flea Market in Lambertville NJ 8.00
Ring- Store in Provincetown MA 5.00 (it glows in the dark!)
Belt- Urban Out fitters 10.00
Flats- Goodwill in Ewing NJ 4.00 (Target)
Necklace- Columbus Flea Market 1.00

What a strange day!!!!!! I ran errands before work. When I got to work I discovered an old friend is a current coworker. Small world.
I went shopping after work then spent a long time talking to a friend on the phone. Girlfriends are great. The rest of my night has been quiet and tired.
I have a jammed packed Wednesday ahead of me. Good night, Good morning, Good afternoon.

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