Monday, May 16, 2011

Mary Mary Quite Contrary

Skirt- Delia's 20.00

Shirt- Salvation Army Langhorne PA 2.99

Moccasins- Urban Outfitters 20.00 (Minnetonka)

Necklace- My mom bought it for me

Stacked ring- My mom bought it for me

Blue ring- My mom gave it to me

Sunday was anything but typical. No church, and no Columbus. The weather couldn't make up its mind all day. It was humid, then rainy, then cold, then rainy, then nice again. I spent this Sunday sleeping in, flower shopping at Home Depot, then spending hours raking and shoveling leaves in my backyard to prepare for the bonfire that occurred at my house Sunday evening. Lots of different people at my house but a cool crowd that I could get used to spending many summer bonfire evenings with. I got a million bug bites while during yard work- the first ones of the season. I stayed up way too late and watched Little Rascals episodes before finally going to bed. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

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