Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Genetic. Magnetic.

Shirt- Salvation Army Langhorne PA 1.99
Dress- Urban Outfitters 10.00
Necklace- Columbus Flea Market 3.00
Bracelet- gift
Plastic ring- Forever 21 3.80
Skull ring- Golden Nugget Flea Market Lambertville NJ 10.00
Flats- Joyce Leslie 12.99

What a LONG Wednesday!!!!!! I woke up at 8am. I went to the gym, got coffee, got gas, went tanning, and stopped at the mall before I had to get ready for work. I had lots to do to keep busy at work, and then after work I had ceramics class. Ceramics class was followed by a trip to Home Depot and Goodwill followed by coming home and being ready to collapse. LONG day, I'm drinking tea to stay awake enough to finish updating my blog.

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