Saturday, March 17, 2012

Don't Look Far for Adventure Around Here

Dress- Goodwill Ewing NJ 5.99
Leggings- Target 8.00
Shoes- Goodwill Ewing NJ 5.99
Necklace- Columbus Flea Market 3.00
Scarf- Columbus Flea Market 5.00
Cardigan- Hand me down from my mom's cousin
Gold Snake Ring- Columbus Flea Market 4.00
Armadillo Ring- Columbus Flea Market 25.00
Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters 2.99

Well, we woke up early, picked up a trailer and took a 4.5 hour trip to Middleburgh NY. A very scenic drive to say the least. My boyfriend purchased a car, we loaded it up, and took the long trip home. Just another Sunday packed with adventure.

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