Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Coffee Changed Everything

Shorts- Goodwill Ewing NJ 3.99 (JCREW)

Shirt- DEB 9.99

Necklace- H&M 6.90

Bracelet- Got it when I was younger

Ring- Columbus FLea Market 2.00

Shoes- 9.99 (GoJane)

Sunday was jam packed with activity! After church we went to Columbus Flea Market. Not too many vendors or shoppers were there due to the heat. We walked through the whole thing quickly then went inside the Antique Mall. We got more neat stuff, then after stopping home, I went out for coffee with my friend/coworker. While on my way there I found an entire box of neat flower pots next to a dumpster. I took them all, what a great find! After coffee, I went for the briefest swim in the river, followed by a delightful evening. I had a snack, then shared some of a 2 foot hoagie with a couple people, then ate birthday cake, and then I went on an enjoyable evening car ride. I finally said goodbye to my visitor, and was able to catch up on cleaning and my blog before the work week starts tomorrow.

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