Thursday, September 22, 2011

Snake Bite!

Jeans- Marshalls 17.00 (The Limited)

Sweater- Goodwill in NYC 8.99

Shoes- Columbus Flea Market 3.00

Necklace- Red White and Blue Thrift store 3.95

Plastic Ring- Columbus Flea Market 1.00

Metal Ring- Columbus Flea Market 1.00

Sunday was (of course) another fun day! After church, we went to the Columbus Flea Market where I bought way too many items. I got a delicious bagel from bagel bums, and lots of unique things. After the flea market we went to the thrift store on South Broad street where I got a couple things, and my dad got another rug (surprise surprise- it was one of the only rugs left!). After the flea market Graham and I had food and coffee at home, did some more shopping, picked up some algae eaters for my fish tank, and then we went on a date. We went to Princeton and had a couple of fancy beers and french fries, and then we came home to watch more Perfect Strangers in our comfy clothes before going to bed.

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