Monday, February 7, 2011

Marvelous Monday!

This morning I woke up feeling quite rested. I really liked the outfit I wore today. I liked the different colors/textures/patterns. I had a great day at work, then went out for Halal food and beer with my boyfriend. Truly a Marvelous Monday.

Shirt- Salvation Army in Langhorne PA, 2.99 (Gap)
Dress- Salvation Army in Langhorne Pa, 6.99
Sweater- Goodwill in Ewing NJ, 3.99
Flats- Joyce Leslie, 12.99
Necklace- Columbus Fleamarket, 5.00
Gold Heart pinky Ring- from my mother
Resin ring with a crab inside- gift from my boyfriend


  1. Im a loyal reader! I love the necklace =-) I also like how its up close and personal.

  2. THANKS! Detail shots are the way to go! :)