Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This is my dining room rug. My whole house is nothing but patterns everywhere- every room has a patterned rug and wallpaper. I love it!

This is what I wore to work today. I got frazzled at work, it got so hectic at one point! Time flies by so quick there it's unreal. When I left work it was really cold/dark/windy. I had to change my clothes to match the dropping temperature.

Dress- Salvation Army in Langhorne, PA 6.99
Sweater- Yardsale in Ewing NJ 1.00
Zebra Print Flats- Red White and Blue Thrift Store in Hamilton NJ 3.95
Necklaces- Both gifts
Pink Stone Ring- Found it in my jewelry box
Elephant Ring- Golden Nugget Fleamarket in Lambertville NJ 8.00
Silver and Turquoise Ring- Gift from my boyfriend

I love putting outfits together for really cheap. Fashion doesn't have to be expensive. I get so excited inside when I can calculate the price of everything I am wearing and the total is less than $10.00. On Saturday nights I usually go thrift shopping with my parents and we all usually get a few new pieces of clothing. I love being able to buy a lot of clothing for not a lot of money and wear the items one or a hundred times before donating it back to another thrift store. I like the hand me down cycle of thrift stores. Plus I just can't pass up a great bargain.


  1. Good post! Why was work so hectic? Also, something interesting to write about would be how you decide an outfit. Do you start with one item and then work around it or randomly put it together. It would be interesting to read about.

  2. The phones were ringing off the hook! Between 4 and 6 tons of doctors offices call for specimen pickups and that's the same time all the truck drivers start so they are all calling at the same time to find out what stops they have to make.
    Thanks for the suggestion, I'll remember that for my next post!