Monday, February 21, 2011

The Walls are Coming Down.

Shirt- H&M 16.00
Skirt- Goodwill in Bordentown NJ 3.99
Flats- Red White and Blue Thrift Store 3.95 (Forever21)
Fish Necklace- Columbus Fleamarket 10.00
Gold Ring- Used to be my mom's
Plastic Ring- Bought it on the Street in NYC 1.00

What a long stressful emotional day. Work was totally freezing and I had cold sweats all day. Tomorrow is a good day to start over, and stay positive. I feel like a tiny guppy in this ocean of life. The time to be selfish and think about ME is now.
Out with the old and in with the new is my new motto. Girls just wanna have fun!


  1. with all these doggy pictures, I THOUGHT YOU WROTE PUPPY IN THE SEA AND I THOUGHT OH NO :(

  2. Hahaha, no a guppy! I belong in the water, just not such a big body of it.