Sunday, February 27, 2011

NYC Saturday

Shirt- Salvation Army Langhorne PA 1.99 (Gap)
Dress- Thrift Store in Fort Myers Florida, 3.99
Boots- 18.00
Necklace- Columbus Fleamarket 3.00
Plastic Rose Ring- Claire's, I got it at one of those 10 items for 5.00 sales
Silver ring- Native American Festival 10.00

The last ring isn't mine, I bought it at a thrift store in NYC for my friend Stacey who was with me. What a neat art deco piece!
Yesterday I got up early for a Saturday, ran errands, caught a train to NYC, and then took 3 different Subway trains to get to my friend Stacey's apartment. We had a day full of bus rides, chatter, laughter, shopping, eating, drinking, and finished our evening at a Speakeasy. The atmosphere was too dark, and too similar to my own living room, but I had a blast. I wore my coat for most of the day so no one even really got to see my outfit.
I ended the night with tacos and beer and more laughter. What a fantastic Saturday!

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  1. Last time I went to NY I spent all this time picking out something to wear and then I wore my coat the entire day too haha. Glad you had a fun day!