Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chilled to the Bone Wednesday

Dress- Target 18.00
Belt- Anthropology 20.00
Necklace- I made it
Shoes- Salvation Army on Mulberry St 2.99
Plastic Ring- bought it on the street in NYC 1.00
Gold/blue ring- Golden Nugget Fleamarket in Lambertville NJ 2.00

Today I had lunch with a great gal pal before an uneventful day at work. After work I went to visit a long time friend who lives far away due to college. We had great beer at a brewery, and did lots of walking and chatting. Even though I had cushion inserts in my shoes, my feet still got sore from walking so much in non practical walking shoes. I love reminiscing and how life travels in circles all the time.

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