Sunday, March 27, 2011

Paradise in My Own Backyard

Sweater- Goodwill in NYC 8.99
Jeans- The Jean Depot 37.00
Booties- Goodwill Ewing NJ 3.99 (Dirty Laundry)
Necklace- Red White and Blue Thrift Store Hamilton NJ 3.95
Ring- Columbus Flea Market 8.00

The weather was really too cold today, but I spent the majority of my time outdoors anyway. Just like every other Sunday, after church I went to Columbus flea market. The only thing I got was the flower ring pictured above (I forgot to put on any rings before I left my house this morning but luckily I found a cool ring at the flea market). After the flea market I had vegan brunch with my BFF, then another trip to the museum downtown. It's so close to home! So much inspiration! I still feel like I haven't seen all there is to see. It always seems as if the museum is closing and I have to leave before I get to see it all. There was still plenty of sunshine after the museum closed, so I saw what else downtown Trenton had to offer, and I spent my late afternoon touring the city on foot. As you can see, it's actually a really really neat place. Finally the evening ended with plant repotting and succulent terrarium making. Another Super Sunday.

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