Friday, March 18, 2011

Mind your Manners

Shirt- Goodwill Bordentown NJ 3.99 (Target)
Jeans- Salvation Army Langhorne PA 5.99
Flats- Gap 30.00
Necklace- Red White and Blue Thrift Store 3.95
Clear prism ring- gift from my mom
Green plastic striped ring- Claire's 1.99

This Friday I was in a funk all morning- I must have had too much fun yesterday.
On the plus side:
-I got a cool plant to hang in my room
-I got to have my picture taken outside during the daytime
-I finally met one of my favorite couriers from work (who I speak with every day on the phone) in real life
-I went thrift shopping with my parents (they actually picked out several cool items for me, AND my mom paid for my purchases!!!! What great parents..)

On the down side:
-Lots of drama at work (car accidents, sickness, and missed/missing specimens, ect.....)
-Friday nights aren't as happening as they used to be

As a whole, today wasn't so bad- more ups than downs. TGIF!

1 comment:

  1. Wow you look so good in jeans! I wish I had legs like that!! I wish my mum paid for my thrifting purchases this weekend; i might actually have some money left in my account haha

    just letting you know that because you follow me, you can enter my giveaway here

    have a lovely week! x