Friday, March 25, 2011

Singing Makes You Feel Good.

Dress- Red White and Blue Thrift Store Hamilton NJ 7.95
Cardigan- Salvation Army Langhorne PA 3.99
Flats- Urban Outfitters 13.00
Turquiose necklace- Red White and Blue Thrift Store Hamilton NJ 9.95
Fox necklace- gift
Blue heart ring- gift from my mom
Three stone ring- The Best of Everything Fort Myers FL 12.99

Listening to catchy new music on my way to work was a GREAT way to start the day. Unfortunately, as the day went on, things got worse rather than better. There were so many issues at work, I nearly had a freak out by 5 pm. A few hours of my evening were spent thrifting and shopping with my father (I got 2 plaid shirts, 4 pairs of tights, a tee shirt, and 5 dresses and spent 38.00!), followed by upsetting news. Now, I'm just trying to shake off my Friday blues- I'm ready to wake up with a fresh perspective tomorrow.


  1. Post some more jewelry you've made!

  2. Neha you caught me- I haven't made any lately, so when I saw your comment I had to immediately start again so that I will have something to post in the near future. thanks for the motivation!