Sunday, March 6, 2011

Positive People+Positive Thoughts= Positive Actions

I realized today after I got dressed that all my clothing came from the Salvation Army in Langhorne PA today. Whoops, I guess their deals and selection truly are amazing.

Striped shirt- 2.99 (Gap)
Cardigan- 1.99
Jeans- 5.99 (Just USA)
Necklace- I made it
Flats- 5.00 (Soda)
Red plastic ring- Jewelry store in Philadelphia, PA 1.00
Native American inspired ring- Columbus Fleamarket 2.00

Today I went to the Philadelphia Art Museum with my friend from high school. We walked there from her apartment, walked through the whole museum, then walked to get food- the thing I love about cities is all the walking. I've visited three walking cities in the past week and it's been really great.
I spent the rest of my Sunday cleaning and eating. I found many neat things while cleaning (my house has so much stuff inside it, it's insane- literally anything could be hiding somewhere here) but the best thing that I found today, was while I was going through a box of toys that I found in my basement. I picked up an item on a keychain that looked like a little hand. I thought and I thought, and wondered where it could have come from, when I realized that it's actually a lucky rabbit's foot keychain that I got when I was a kid. It's been sitting in a box in my basement for probably more than a decade. All of the fur disintegrated and fell off leaving only a green power that was coating the bottom of the box of toys I found it in. It's a hairless lucky rabbit hand. It's slightly creepy, but it IS a lucky rabbit's foot, and I kind of think it's cool.


  1. Love this classic chic look! Your red ring is so unusually lovely, and it pairs perfectly with the delicate turquoise ring. But my favourite part of your outfit are your skinny, just slightly cropped black pants- so very Audrey Hepburn :) I'm following your blog; would love it if you wanted to follow mine, too!

  2. Thank you, I already became a follower of your blog! <3