Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day Four/ Homeward Bound

Shirt- Salvation Army Langhorne PA 2.99 (Forever 21)
Jeans- Urban Outfitters 18.00
Moccasins- Urban Outfitters 20.00

Monday we woke up at 3:30 am. We finally got on the road at 5 am. We stopped for breakfast lunch and dinner. Around 3 pm we started seeing signs for South of Border. The reason that we left at the time that we did, was so that we would get to South of the Border during operational hours (since they were closed at 4 am on our drive down to FL). We finally got to South of the Border just after 5 pm. We checked out firework stores and souvenir shops and even had dinner at a restaurant there. It was nearly 8 pm by the time we got back on the road. We got back to my house in New Jersey at 5:30 am. That was the longest car trip I've ever been on. I went to sleep as soon as I got home. All in all, a pretty fantastic family vacation.

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