Friday, April 1, 2011

Hard Day's Night

Black shirt- Wet Seal 9.99
Tank top- Joyce leslie 5.00
Pants- Urban Outfitters 23.00
Scarf- Joyce Leslie Free at the BuyOneGetOne free sale (with the purchase of this tank top)
Belt- St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store Berlin NJ 1.99
Boots- Goodwill in Ewing NJ 9.99 (Doc Martins)
All 3 rings- my mom gave them to me in an envelope with a few other rings last night

Well another Friday came and went. Work was so long and there were so many problems (why are Friday's suddenly so much more stressful and problematic than any other day of the week?) I'm really glad it's the weekend. I got a plant clipping from a coworker 's desk plant today, and I made two identical succulent terreriams when I got home with plants I bought a few weeks ago. Low key early Friday nights in preparation of the weekend are underrated.

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