Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rustling in the Darkness

Dress- Salvation Army Langhorne PA 5.99 (Derek Heart)
Shirt- Salvation Army Langhorne PA 1.99
Belt- Rainbow 5.00
Flats- Gojane.com 5.00
Necklace- Columbus Flea Market 1.00
Red and gold ring- gift from my mom
Plastic black ring- Claire's 2.99

On this particular Tuesday, I woke up extra early and took a quick trip to the gym with my BFF. We kept it short, and then chattered over coffee/tea before we both had to part ways for work. My mom left for Florida today to visit her dad and I had to help her with last minute packing before I really headed to work (the rest of my family is driving down to Florida to meet her at the end of this week). Work was full of work, and it was great, and I got it all done just before I left. I spent the evening checking out a new thrift store (which totally rules, everything is cheap and I got some amazing items) and a not so new thrift store with my dad.
I have another full day ahead of me tomorrow. I can't wait- I love waking up early and staying active.

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