Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day Two/ Cram it all In!

Hawaii Tee- hand me down from a friend
Green shorts- Goodwill Ewing NJ 1.99 (JCrew)
Moccasins- Urban Outfitters 20.00 (Minnetonka)

Red Heart Dress- Salvation Army Langhorne PA 4.99 (Target)
Necklace- Columbus Flea Market 3.00
Moccasins-Urban Outfitters 20.00 (Minnetonka)
Ring- Claire's 2.99

Saturday was an extremely busy and full day. We woke up at 8 am and hit the ground running. We all made and ate breakfast as a family, then went to 7 different stores (all but one of them were thrift stores). I love that I can go thrift shopping with my parents and brother and have a really fun time. We bought lots of junk and saw all kinds of great things for sale. Then we stopped by the house for a quick lunch, then a quick trip to an indoor flea market, then the family split ways. My dad and brother went off to go see guitars, and my mom and I went swimming in the gulf. The water was over 80 degrees, and it was so nice and relaxing. After swimming in the gulf, my mom and I met my brother and dad back at my grandfather's house and we all went for a swim in the pool. Just as we were getting out of the pool, my grandpa's neighbors asked us if we wanted to go for a boat ride in the waterway behind their house. We accepted, and went for a beautiful evening sunset boat ride on their boat with them. Then my family went out for dinner at Carabba's, and we stopped at a 24 hour Walmart on the way home. I couldn't believe how much we had accomplished that day. We really experienced our vacation to the fullest.

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