Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day Three/ Happy Easter!

Dress- Goodwill Hammonton NJ 6.99 (Club Monaco)
Sweater- Goodwill in Bonita Springs FL 6.99
Necklace- The Best of Everything 50.00 (my mom was nice enough to buy it for me)
Flats- Urban Outfitters 20.00

On Easter Sunday we slept in a little bit. Then we had another family breakfast and decided to go to this Everglade's Garden place. They had animals that were a nuisance to the public and/or were once injured- kind of like a wildlife refuge type of place. You had to go on a guided tour of the place, but it was really cool. We saw lots of different animals, and cool plants. After that we went for a swim in my grandpa's pool and his neighbor and her 4 and a half year old daughter came over and joined us. After we cleaned up, we all went out for dinner together at a place called Real Seafood. I played the box game with the little one, and we all got dinners off the early bird special menu so we got free bottles of wine. What a place!
After dinner we spent the evening relaxing, starting to load up the car, and trying to get as much rest as possible before the long journey home the next morning.

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